WARRANT - Cherry Pie 21st Anniversary Tour With Special Guests FIREHOUSE & TRIXTER!

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WARRANT – Here is a WARRANT tour to look forward to in 2012! With special guests FIREHOUSE and TRIXTER, the CHERRY PIE 21st Anniversary Tour looks to ROCK like there’s no tomorrow! Tour dates and venues are currently being booked. Once dates and venues are confirmed, Metal Odyssey will have ‘em posted!

WARRANT will be out once again supporting their kick-ass, 100 proof and Hard Rockin’ 2011 album: …

80′s Legendary Metal Band, Mace, Reuniting and Giving Away Music

Mace has been out of commission for the past 23 years, but has decided to re-unite in the Pacific NW region of the United States, a leak in the NW music world that spread like wildfire. Now, get a chance to download their new single, FREE, via American Rock Scene.

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Texas Roadhouse Blues Tour 2012: Featuring Lance Lopez & Wes Jeans

The Texas Roadhouse Blues Tour is scheduled to launch this May and it promises to be nothing short of HOT! Presented by Road King Entertainment, a branch of Project Music Scene, Lance Lopez and Wes Jeans will be bringin’ down the house.

Lance Lopez, with his current release of his Hand Made Music with MIG Records, and Wes Jeans are no strangers to sharing a stage together and this rockin’ blues duo brings the heat with every show. Both are high energy artists with a flair for keeping it real onstage.

Below is a list of confirmed tour dates, with two dates prior to the official tour launch of May 11. Many more dates TBA soon:

March 30 2012 – Keys Lounge – Fort Worth Tx
April 4 2012 – Two Frogs – Ardmore OK
May 11 2012 – Arcadia in – Arcadia, CA
May 12 2012 – Clarion Hotel Conference Center – Modesto, Ca
May 18 2012 – Louie G’s – Fife, WA
May 26 2012 – Spring Bike Fest – Maggie Valley, NC
June 7 2012 – ROT Rally – Austin, Tx
June 15 2012 – Fat jacks – Texarcana Ar
Aug 2 2012 – 35th bikers round up – Ennis ,Tx

Wes Jeans

In 1996 Wes entered the International Jimi Hendrix Competition held in Austin, TX and placed an amazing second among fifteen hundred other young guitar players.
Al Hendrix, father of Jimi Hendrix, told Wes, “In my eyes, you won because you played straight from the heart like Jimi!” These words along with the support of his family and friends set this young Texas Tornado in motion. Soon, Wes was playing area venues and festivals, attracting booking agents and record labels.

In June 2006 Wes released his 2nd studio album “Forest Of The Pine” under Texas Music Records. In October of 2009 this Texas Tornado struck again with the release of his highly anticipated live CD “Live at Music City Texas”, recorded at a sold out show at the Music City Texas Theater in Linden on January 17, 2009. Fans all across the country agree the closest you will get to the live raw stage power of Wes Jeans is “Live at Music City Texas”.

Throughout his career, Wes has had the honor of meeting and sharing the stage with many musical greats such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, David Lee Roth, Dick Dale, Eric Johnson, Hubert Sumlin, Lynryd Skynyrd, Robert Cray, Joe Bonamassa, Indigenous, Lance Lopez, Chris Duarte, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, just to name of few.
Sponsorships include GHS Stings, Robin Guitars, Voodoo Amplifiers, Xotic Effects, Svetlana Tubes, Opti-Case, Seymour Duncan pick-ups, and his custom signature cabinet “The Beast” was designed by Wes in conjunction with Mills Acoustics.

‘Texas Young Gun’ Wes Jeans has managed to make some waves in his young career while still toiling the road the old-fashioned way across the country.

Check out music by Wes Jeans on ReverbNation!

Lance Lopez

There’s no doubt about it, the state of Texas is well-known world-wide for its fiery blues guitar players.

Although born in Shreveport, Louisiana, at the age of 12, his family moved to Dallas, where with the exception of a spell back in New Orleans and Southwest Florida, the guitarist has called his home ever since.

Lance has been a professional musician since he was 14 years old. He has shared the stage with legends such as Lucky Peterson, Johnnie Taylor and Buddy Miles.

Developing a close friendship with Buddy Miles, the former Band Of Gypsys legend would go on to mentor Lopez, leading to him co producing his debut album ‘First Things First’, along with Grammy winning producer Jay Newland (Norah Jones) which was released independently in 1998.

From 2003 to 2007 Lopez recorded, and released three studio and one live CD for a small independent label, Grooveyard Records – all of which were heavily influenced by one of many of the guitarist’s main influences – Jimi Hendrix.

Now after a three-year break, Lopez is back with a brand new Jim Gaines (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Santana) produced studio album ‘Salvation From Sundown’. Intentionally conceived as a more traditional Texas blues styled offering, it’s the guitarist’s most mature recording to date, showcasing strong songwriting while still retaining the red-hot fretwork which has elicited none other than guitar god Jeff Beck to call him “A very exciting and intense blues guitarist”. His first release on a major label (Sony/MIG) it shows him poised to take his rightful place as one of the finest blues players on the planet.

Check out music by Lance Lopez on ReverbNation!

Press & Booking Contact

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Aaron Rocha

Lance & Wes Manager
Maddskillz Entertainment
Manni Küsters

Paddy Mcguire


Be sure to visit the official website of the Texas Roadhouse Blues Tour!

Intro to LittleQueenMusic.com

Hi everyone!  I’ve wanted to do a personal/professional blog for quite some time now, but was never quite ready before.  First and foremost, let me tell you what I do.  After spending the better part of my existence, working jobs I hated, and just living day to day, I have always had this intense fire within myself to do something pertaining to music.  Anyone that follows this blog will understand what that’s like, as many of you are in the industry, too.  I never thought I could really do anything, as I was born with a progressive hearing loss and told by relatives, while still growing up, that my hearing would prevent me from getting anywhere in the industry.  I should also add, those people know nothing of the industry.

So, flash forward to 2003, when I opened my first profile on a social network.  I had a teen daughter who used MySpace, so I joined up to keep that watchful eye on her internet activity.  Being that I love to socialize, I started browsing around.  First, there were the old friends and co-workers to connect with, then the quest to look up the musicians I’ve always loved and can’t live without.  I was elated to find several of them, felt closer to them than ever!  At some point, I began to network with people who call themselves Heart Mongers, or Heartmongers, if you prefer that spelling, it’s still being debated.  A Heart Monger is a fan of the rock band, Heart, usually a paid member of the fan club, but I am not so strict on that criteria as to deny a person the label, even if they aren’t card carrying members.

Now, I have to spend some time on the subject of Heart, as they are a big part of my story.  I discovered them in 1985, at the age of 11, watching What About Love on MTV.  Anyone with a lifelong, favorite band, will know what it’s like to remember the very day you first saw/heard that band, like it was yesterday.  I am no different.  Ann Wilson opened her mouth, sang one note, and I’ve been a fool for her singing ever since.  A couple of years later, someone informed me that Heart had been around since the 70′s and, I cannot tell you the joy that comes, when you find out that the band you love, has a whole ‘nother line-up to learn all about, so you discover them twice!  I saved up my allowance, went out, bought every album ever made in the 70′s, studied them like my life depended on it.  I was in an imaginary, magical world with colors swirling around my mind, trying to figure out these brilliant people.  How did they become so brilliant?  That’s what baffled me.  In those days, there was no Internet to just go and find out whatever you wanted.  I subsided on rag mags from the local 7-11, anything I could find at Tower Records or the local used music store, and word of mouth.  To say it sucked, would be an understatement.

Fast forward to August 1, 2008.  That is the day I joined Facebook and it’s changed my entire life.  Originally, I only joined there to keep from losing contact with a friend who was leaving MySpace.  Once I signed on, I found my Heart Mongers.  Then, I found the band.  Now, I don’t remember the very day I did this, but I do remember the very day when I got a response to the following.  I sent a friend request to a man named Michael Fisher, he was Heart’s manager in the 70′s, I believed he was a genius of a manager, and I had no clue as to what he even looked like, until I found him on Facebook.  We became Facebook friends on May 24, 2009, my birthday.  I had gone back to college and was waiting for a class to start, when I received this Facebook notification, telling me he’d accepted my friend request.  I just smiled and continued doing whatever I was doing at the time.  Then I got an email, from Michael Fisher, asking me if it was really my birthday.  I confirmed, and he sent me a picture of himself with Ann Wilson, when they still lived in Canada.  I completely lost my mind, and shared it with everyone.  I think he got a good giggle, watching me go to nut city over this.  He said he was going on a hike, near a place where I used to live, as he and his brother were planning to shoot a video there.  His brother is Roger Fisher, legendary guitar god, original member of Heart.

I received some pictures of the video shoot location and Michael informed me that Roger was re-making Heart’s classic hit, Love Alive, one of my most favorite songs.  He began to tell me a few concert stories from his days with Heart, cleared up a couple of questions I’d had over the years, and we began to get to know each other as friends.  Then, he called me for the very first time, on August 13, 2010, my grandmother’s birthday.  That was a great day.  I met Michael for lunch, about a month later, and met his brother in February of the following year.  All of this has led to my entry into the music industry.

I got into doing online promotions for the Fisher brothers, where I began to learn a lot, and fast!  I met a woman, now my best friend, who had a history of doing music marketing and she has mentored me through everything I’ve done, thus far.  I love her for that.  I began to do a ton of research, tried out all kinds of ways to streamline my online presence, build my visibility and develop my reputation.  I started by creating a Facebook page, an easy way to begin to learn how to deal with the public, never knowing if all eyes are on you, or not.  Michael Fisher and my best friend, Sara, were hugely instrumental in helping me to put it all together.  From then on, it was my baby and I ran with it.  Today, it’s still the only site that showcases every band member that’s ever been in Heart, the tribute bands, and even musicians Heart has collaborated with.  Very comprehensive, highly respected by the former band members that all help me to run it.  From there, I’ve inflated my friends list, stopped playing Farmville (and 50 other games), and I focused on this more than anything I’d ever focused on before.  THIS was my calling.

I decided to stick with only promoting Heart and their affiliates, for the first year.  This was small time and I could manage it well, giving me the chance to keep learning and growing, for when I was ready to do this for more people.  Little did I know how closely I was being watched.  The more people you meet on a site like Facebook, the more people that are watching you, ya know?  Anyway, I am now doing an internship for Project Music Scene, the umbrella of Northwest Music Scene, American Blues Scene, American Rock Scene, and Road King Entertainment, a social media management company.  This is right up my alley, as all my hours online have made me a social networking expert, and it’s all about music.  How could I ask for more, right?  I have fallen into good hands and will be working for them on a full-time basis.

I know this blog post was enormous, I do apologize, but I felt a thorough introduction was important.  Please, follow me on Facebook, so you’ll know when to come back for the next blog post!  Feel free to leave me comments, I will respond as best I can!  Thank you for coming by!


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