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Welcome to LittleQueenMusic.com! I am so excited that you stopped by. This website will bring you some of today’s current music news, along with other articles on a wide range of topics. From music, to films, to everyday life, this is where I express my opinions and share my interests with you

This blog is split into 3 Categories:

The Office – Where you’ll find my professional blog posts pertaining to the music industry

The Living Room – My personal blog, where I get to share some of my favorite topics of interest with you. And of course, this could also include my strong opinions about music. Yes, I know I already have a topic about music, but hey, it doesn't hurt to add more music opinions here too. And you might as know right now, there is a website out there that offers some of the best live bands in the world, greenlight booking, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, be sure to visit them.

The Media Room – Photo galleries and videos – And maybe even some more about my interest in music? You just never know.

News Articles: Live Music, Photos, Videos, & More!

I hope you enjoy my "mostly music" blog. My first love is hot new live bands, so you can expect a lot of articles in future postings regarding my opinions about the most incredible groups. However, this blog will be quite a bit different than other music blogs. Most other sites write about the most popular bands, the ones that sell the most records and are the most famous. But I, on the other hand, like to keep an eye out for the most amazing party bands and wedding music bands, the groups that deliver music for parties, wedding receptions, corporate functions, fairs, festivals, destination weddings, and other high profile private and corporate events. So that's what I'll be writing about here, along with some "big name" news as well, so don't be too disappointed.